A New Direction

How do you find your personal design style? You search for things that inspire you, motivate you and that send your imagination into overdrive.  When it comes to your design style, you can be influenced by everything from the clothes you wear, to the music you listen to.  And there is no rule that you can’t mix and match! At the home of someone always styling high-fashion clothes you might find a collection of country chic furnishings.  And the classic polo and denim soul, might be lying low in their ultra modern loft. You are not bound by the laws of design to choose one style, and one style only.  You personal style comes from bringing together ALL of the things you love.  

Taste is relative and is the sum total of the intellectual and emotional experiences of the individual experiences of the individual. Taste, in order to be positive and vital, must be exercised and developed. Taste is changeable and is influenced by environment. A highly cultivated taste, a taste that is knowledgeable and eclectic, is likely to be exciting and provocative, a personal taste at its highest level.  

-Eleanor Brown, The Finest Rooms by America’s Great Decorators


How do I find mine?  I am learning that it is not like a homework assignment with a due date.  It can be ever-changing, and that is part of the fun. If you feel like you need a jumping off point take style quiz at Sproost and see what moves you.  

My Style Results


In looking at the styles I gravitate toward, I can see why I was so excited about the success of my first “Sprucing” project.


One comment

  1. Well aren’t you the writer? Love it!

    I need to figure out the quotation thing in the middle. Not hard, I am sure.

    Well glad you took the Sproost test. Mine was dead on!

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