Spring In Your Decor Step

My recent posts have been few, and far between and here it is… Summer time.  But that does not mean I have forgotten all about spring!  I was inspired in my early decorating this year by a single table runner and centerpiece.  Yes, believe it or not, one key element is all I needed to build my accessories and color scheme.    

I was browsing through TJ Maxx and came across a table runner by  (cost about $10) and loved the colors.  This was right before Easter, mind you, so I was looking to branch away from the bright neon and pastels that usually pop up around this holiday.  Non that I might cutesy easter color, but I was more in search of a plan that would extend itself beyond the holiday and through spring, and maybe even summer.  I settled on just the table runner (but ended up going back to get the matching tablecloth and placements) and a set of tan-colored, faux leather, basket weave place mats. The tones are muted, yet bold, and went perfectly with my “antique” look (see centerpiece) for the spring. I then had a color palette of blue, yellow, green and tan to lead my search for accessories and decor to coordinate with the dining room and living room. Watch me go!     

If you have not yet realized my love of Pottery Barn, you may not be reading closely.  For I have once again taken an idea from their catalog and made it work for me and my budget.     

Pottery Barn Centerpiece


  First I fell in love with their large spring centerpiece because it wasn’t a traditional cut flower arrangement and it was oh, so grand.  I felt it would be great for our Easter table because it was tall enough that you could see through it, and it kind of makes you feel like you are eating outside in the midst of a spring bloom.  I scoured my local arts and crafts stores looking for tall, willowy branches but they all seemed too flowery, looked TOO fake, or we beyond my price limit.  I knew that I would need at least 8 to 10 of these branches to get the full effect.  Finally, while scouring the clearance section at Michael’s Craft Store, I found two types of stalks that would work perfectly together…and at $2 a piece I knew I wouldn’t find a better deal.  As it happens, I also spotted a charming collection of ceramic birds (in blue, yellow, and green) that would look great trickled down the center of the table. The were not solid figures, and they bodies of the birds had a lace-like appearance …and they weren’t too “cute”.     

My final project involved a bit of elbow grease (and hot air!) and attention to detail.  I adored the beautiful hanging eggs that adored one of the centerpiece photos and though, I can do that!  So I gathered my supplies:      

1 dozen eggs
white craft glue
hot glue gun
Craft knife
water in glass or cup
small paint brush or sponge brush
needle or stick pin
botanical prints (from book or magazine, or printed from computer/internet)
spool of thin ribbon  

Eggs & Supplies



If you have never blown out a raw egg, it can be a bit time-consuming.  I usually pock a small hole at the top (smallest crown of egg) and a larger one at the bottom, about the size of a pin head.  Use the needle or pin to try to break up the yolk, then blow the eggs insides out from the top hole into a bowl, or the garbage.  Patience is the key.  When you need to take a break, use that time to cut out the flowers with the knife.  The more delicate and free of paper the flowers are, the easier it will be to spread them on the eggs.  I used a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part glue and coated the area that I would place the flower, then placed the cutout on the egg, and finally covered the whole area with the glue/water mixture until it layed as flat as possible on the egg.  Don’t worry about getting glue everywhere, because it will dry clear.  I managed to finish 6 eggs, and ended up pasting multiple flowers on some of them.  I then used my hot glue gun and very thin, green ribbon to create a loop that would let me hang the eggs from my centerpiece branches.     

 Now you know my daunting adventure in the name of spring decor, and below are the fruits (and eggs) of my labor.    


Easter Table Scape

Easter Chick Blue

Easter Egg #1

Easter Centerpiece


Easter Egg #2

Easter Chicks

~ Happy Spring Styling ~


One comment

  1. Wow! What an amazing job you did with those eggs and the center piece! You should be hosting events!!

    Love it!

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