Laundry Time – Fluff and Fold

Renovations to your home can often take much longer than expected.  I am finding that especially true, because I have no ‘game plan’.  I simply add what I can, when I can find time and money.  But I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great, if I could just finish one room?  Start to finish, have one room COMPLETELY done in the house!”.  So I’m starting small…with the Laundry Room. 

You may be wondering what could possibly possess me to start in the room that most people really don’t want to spend their time.  However, perhaps if it room was tidy and inviting, one might not mind all the fluffing and folding.  So off we go. 

First Step: Inspiration. 

Laundry Room - Inspiration


One of my favorite TV Designers is Sarah Richardson, of Design Inc. and Sarah’s House, as seen on HGTV.  She has a great personality, and seems to really enjoy the everyday ups and downs of the design world, and her clients.  Look for more on Sarah later, in a future post of “Here’s Lookin’ At”. One of the episodes of Sarah’s House 2, they featured a basement Laundry Room renovation that made me wish I had more things to wash! It is bright and cheerful, and kind of makes me feel like I would be doing laundry out in the garden.   Warm sun drying your clothes on the line, and a feeling of freshness all around you. 

Line-Dried in the Sun


For me, inspiration is something that creates a stir in me so I can’t wait to take action and start changing things around me.  Not necessarily trying to create a mirror image, but using a beautiful design as a jumping off point, for my own room. Having a much smaller area to work in, no windows, and black appliances all seem to be working against my dreamy idea.  But I’ll do good with what I have. 

Second Step: Colors 

Laundry - Color Chart


I purchase one quart each of the Valspar paints as Lowe’s, for about $10 each.  My plan is to create horizontal stripes around the room, in both colors, of varying widths. I can’t change the color of the appliances, so I will attempt to make them seem less out-of-place by adding accessories in the same color.  After some Goodwill Hunting, I picked up some rectangular baskets, all in different styles and colors, and plan to spray paint them a matte black, to unify them. 

Before - Mix and Match Baskets


Beat that price!


The baskets cost (from smallest to largest) $0.99, $1.99 and $2.99 at my local Goodwill. 

Say it with Krylon


First I’ve got some cleaning and demo work to do.  The current shelves aren’t really cutting the mustard.  Then I can get to work with painting and rebuilding the shelves, and possible adding another area of shelves.  Stay tuned…



  1. I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like! What a great idea, I love the bright colors. So inviting!

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