All Around the World

After spending 5 months studying in Northern Italy in college, there is one thing I truly regret not buying while abroad.  A hand drawn map.  I remember, while roaming the passageways of Venice, peering into many little shops filled with artists creating beautiful, delicate masterpieces of Europe .  Sigh.

But thanks to my wonderful sister, I have the next best thing!  For Christmas a couple of years ago, she go me a large calendar of antique map prints. They were mostly European countries, and some of the larger cities (Paris, London, etc..). It was a large calendar (almost 14″ x 24″) and printed on an off-white, textured paper. Absolutely perfect for my ‘worldly’ decor scheme and after that year was up planned to chop up the calendar and frame it.

Calendar Page - Paris

After clipping my coupons for Michael’s, I was finally able to get 4 matching black frames ($15 each 16×20), already fitted with beveled mats.  The mats are just a ‘hair’ too short on the sides, so one day I suppose it will bother me enough that I will custom cut more.  But for the time being, it is great just to have them up.

Calendar Pages and Frame

Framed Map of France

Now they hang in the corner of my office, above my favorite tufted leather chair from Costco.  The space to the right, is reserved for the largest of the maps (beautiful Italy) but I still have to find a much larger frame.

Office Corner



  1. Yay! I’m so glad you had that vision! While xmas shopping for you that year I had the same thought! What an amazing looking office. Love the chair, love the rug, love the framed maps. You are so fancy!
    Oh, also love the color of the wall! What shade of blue is that and what was the insparation?

    1. I know the paint is by Behr, but I will have to dig around for my color swatch to get the color name. The inspiration was from one of my Pottery Barn catalog pages that I cut out many, many years ago and couldn’t WAIT to get a room for it. It is a dusty blue, that gives me a feeling like the room could have been painted years ago and has faded with time. It also carries through the ‘old world’ feeling from the vintage maps and accessories.

  2. Yay! this is totally my style. Some of the vintage maps I do not use in my decoupage end up as wall hangings…for me or to give as gifts.

    And congratulations too for winning the giveaway I hosted through Melanie’s handonhip blog.

    I’ll send you an email shortly to ask for details.


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