Laundry List – Painting

I thought I would share some progress photos from my Laundry Room re-vamp (It isn’t really a remodel because there was nothing there to start with).  I started with four white walls, in a small space, and chose to paint two horizontal bands around the room.  My largest stripe (Valspar, Summer Wish) I started at the top of the washer and dryer, and stopped halfway above the lowest shelf.  After measure the room in a couple different sides and trying to connect the dots, I realized the floor was not level at all!  I used my level from one spot and worked my way all around the room, ‘eyeballing’ the sections on either side of the shelves. My smaller stripe (Valspar, Almost Charcoal) is the height of the interior of the  second shelf section.

Wall Stripes Taped Off

Using one quart of paint, I barely had enough for one solid coat the yellow stripe (plus touch up).  Cost wise, I have learned that in the future I should go ahead and buy the gallon, to ensure I have enough for the project and extra can be used for another job.

Painting Wall Color Along Tape

A trick I learned from Danielle on HGTV (Color Splash) is to paint around the tape line (on the ‘inside’ of the stripe) with the existing wall color, or a clear glaze.  We have textured walls, and no matter how well the tape goes one, there are usually still pockets of space that paint  seeps into.  By painting around with the wall color, if any paint does bleed down it will match, and it creates a seal around the edge.  Now, when I go over it with the color, I get a clean, straight line.

For storage in the room, my initial plan was the tear down the current shelves and add new, but that seemed like a lot of work…and truthfully they were not in horrible shape .  Behind the door (opposite wall as the washer & dryer), is where I will add more shelves in the small corner spot.

Often times I read blogs in which people claim they are always finding great pieces of furniture in their garage, or attic.  It baffles me that people would have so much fabulous stuff just lying around the house; and I wonder why I don’t have any hidden treasures in the corner.  This led me to go hunting around, just in case I might stumble upon something I knew was there, but didn’t see. Earlier in the summer I purchased a set from Craigslist, that was a pair of Pottery Barn night stands, with a connecting desk attachment on top.  We only needed the night stands, so the desk top has been collecting dust in the garage.  And wouldn’t you know, that the length of the desk is the EXACT width of the laundry room. I really checked the measurement about 10 times because I thought it was too good to be true. I really hate losing socks and towels behind the washer & dryer, so my plan is to screw brackets to the wall, and rest the table on top to use as a folding station.  If I can push it back far enough, that should cover all the little spots in back that suck up my lost laundry souls.

Folding Station Fabric

The table top is a warm shade of brown and it doesn’t really go with my color scheme.  After a trip to Hancock (while they were still having their half-off sale) I found a really pretty floral print.  I do realize that gray is the only matching color in my already decided color scheme, but that didn’t stop me from buying it.  I could have picked new wall colors to match the fabric, but sometimes you just have to make it work.  I really liked the yellow, because the color it reminds me of warm sunshine and being clean.  And I get the same fresh feeling from the fabric.  Sometimes you just have to make it work! Perhaps some small green accessories, mixed in with the black, to tie it all together.

I have finished the painting, but still need to get my fabric wrapped around the desk top. And shelves need to be added to the other side, behind the door.  I am seriously considering a new light fixture too, after seeing how dark the room looks in my photos.  Maybe I just need one of those fancy, miracle cameras. I’ll show you half of the painted room, but you’ll have to wait for a full-scale photo session on the rest.

Painting In Progress


One comment

  1. Only you and Nevik would have the soap on the top shelf 😉

    Can’t wait to see the rest – it looks cool – who knew doing laundry could be fun!

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