Seattle Sights & Watson Kennedy

The West Coast is, and will always be, my favorite place to be.  Yes, I know it rains ten months out of the year, and the sun rarely makes an appearance any months other than June-August.  But can it really get any better than this?


Mount Adams



Apple Orchard in Hood River



Watson Kennedy - First & Spring


Mom and I were strolling around Seattle (home of the famous Pike’s Place Market) on our way to meet Little Sister, and we came across an adorable little shop. Watson Kennedy fine living was packed full of the most fantastic home accessories.  Home-made soaps, book plates, vintage paper masks, old bingo balls, stationary…you name it, they had it. I think I must have picked up, or touched absolutely everything in the store, contemplating where I could put it in my house or who I could gift it to. There was mostly vintage, shabby-chic and hand crafted goods, and I could swear some real antiques mixed in for atmosphere.  They even offer some products on-line, so if a trip to Seattle isn’t in the budget this week, get some luxury delivered!

Here are some quick shots of a small selection of their offerings.


Stationary & Cards



French Wooden Dice



Green and Clean



European Destination Sign



French Inspired Plates




  1. I have walked by the shop/or by bus at least 5 days a week for 7 months! I have always wanted to walk in , but never have! After seeing a taste of the inside – I think I will set in tonight after work! (Weather permitting 😉

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