Planting A Seed

A Pumpkin Seed!


Photo from Better Homes & Gardens

Halloween is a little more than 2 weeks away, and what better way to celebrate than with a Pumpkin Carving Party. I can’t really say why it is that I love Halloween so much.  Maybe because it is the beginning of Fall? My favorite season. Or because adults can act like kids in a candy store. You can’t return leftover candy,so you might as well eat it. You can also have great fun crafting and creating costumes. If it’s home-made, no one will have the same outfit. I love that cooler weather is on the way, and would really love to enjoy a day with friends. I adore the the idea of sending out, IN THE MAIL, party invitations…but time permitting I had to go digital. Here are some really cute ideas for invites from Martha:


Masquerade Invitation

Skeleton Invitations

Severed Finger Invitation









I am totally in love the finger one…Don’t Forget! Anywho, E-vite has me hooked because they have some really great pre-made layouts, you can customize your message AND it allows people to RSVP via their email.  You can keep track of how many party goers you will have attending on one handy little site. If I’m planning a larger party (more than 8 people) I try to get the word out at least a month in advance.  If you go sooner you run the risk that people haven’t thought that far in advance, or they may forget once the date finally rolls around.  Less than a month, you run the risks that plans have already been made, and that’s especially true around holidays.

Once October first rolled around I was finally about to get out my decorations, so now I have two weeks to finish adding the final touches.  Plus, now that I have more of an idea of the number of guest I can start to brainstorm food ideas.  It’s not too late for you to plan one, so I will leave you with a couple of websites that have great ideas for putting together a party.  Happy Hosting!

Few come close to Martha’s expertise at entertaining, and I am sure that her pumpkin carving parties are spooktacular.

Nothing sounds greater than a Real Simple fall festival with friends out on the farm.

Can it be?? My favorite store can give you Halloween party planning tips too…I don’t know if Pottery Barn can get any better. Download their handy printable version (PB Halloween Party Planner) and add it to your party notebook (more on that later).

Photo from Real Simple


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