So Long Spook-Fest

Halloween is officially over, and the rest of the holidays for the season are fast approaching. Today also means the Halloween decorations I want for next year are on sale! Since I finally got back on-line with a camera, you will mostly see photos from my decorations today Also, I am still recovering from my sugar coma. Enjoy (finally!)


Spooky Mantle


My new camera has an ‘auction’ feature that compiles multiple photos into one composition shot. Detail “H” if of my Happy Halloween banner I made in MS Word, and added cut-outs of craft paper.

Skull Votive Holder & Game Books

I got a bunch of the Skulls at Michael’ last year on clearance. Creepy!  With the mantle taking on the spooky, I went with more basic fall decorations in the dinning area.  This will make it quicker, and easier to transition themes before Thanksgiving arrives.


Dining Table

I bought 2 grapevine wreaths, and one small raffia wreath while they were half-price at Hobby Lobby.  I used coupons to buy moss, plastic spiders, feathers and google-eyes to spruce them up.


Front Door Spider Wreath

Mini Mossy Wreath

Watching You Wreath

And finally, our outdoor decorations included my Tombstones, Post Sign and Witch That will definitely need more light for next year…not as spooky

Base Paint with Faux Stone Spray

Adding Details with Craft Paint

R.I.P. Tombstone

E.A. Poe Tombstone


Witch Cut-Out


~Hope everyone had a great Halloween~


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