Starting Fresh and Clean

Let’s all just pretend that it hasn’t been almost 2 months since my last update.  Holidays are just my favorite time of year, and it’s hard not to get swept up in the merriment and celebration.  Now it is a new year, and that means new motivation.  I don’t usually make resolutions because I feel like you shouldn’t have to wait a year to decide you want to finally commit to something, or resolve to be better in something.  You should be able to do that any time of the year, when the feeling strikes a chord and you are truly ready to go.  But after Christmas and around New Year’s, it is easy to feel the energy of those who are becoming resolute and want to do something. For me, it was a good house cleaning.  Which led to furniture rearrangement, which created more room to clean out the closets, which helped me find all my interior design notebooks, which motivated me to hop back on the ole blogger.   So maybe good things are to come in the new year.

If you recall just before Halloween, my Little Sister moved into her new place and was working on decorating her first house.  I am reminded that we were working on dressing up a guest bathroom before the move, and we had worked on an accessory board (**click on image to enlarge).


Guest Bath Accessory Ideas

The Waffle Weave Shower Curtain (from Target, I think) was a starting point and inspirational photos from Restoration Hardware.  Idea photos are from Pottery Barn (Towels and Glass Accessories) and Pier One (Coral, Lights, Hook and Shelf) but that in no way means you have to buy them there.  I created the collage simply to put ideas in to the head of LS, and let her find her own pieces using these as a jumping off point.  I will admit, sometimes it’s hard to look outside the box when you have a specific piece already pictured in your head. Been there, thought this many times! Then just maybe it is just right for you, but try to remember to not limit yourself.  New Year means new creative ideas and influences.  Start Fresh!


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