Much More to Dress Up

It was not my intention to gather such a collection of dressers, but I think my slight addiction to CL has given me more than I probably need.  Two dressers and an armoire for the master bedroom may be a bit over the top though it pales in comparison to my master built-in plans and yet, I have only managed to get one of them painted.  And of course, now that I am actually getting around to posting pictures, I can’t find the before photos.  So we’ll just have to settle on the after, and maybe another small master update. As you know I am completely in love with the SW paint I used on my bench, and planned to use it on the rest of the furniture to unify the mismatched collection of pieces.  This was a $40 dresser from CL where else and it involved two coats of paint, and some Minwax stain to highlight small details.   I used the tried and true wax-on, wax-off with the stain and here are the results.


Painted Dresser

Master Dresser

In its former life it was a standard shade of honey oak, and boasted plenty of glossy shine in its finish.  I fell in love with its curvy shape, carved legs and glorious Frenchy style.  The drawer pulls were a famously glorious shiny brass, which were quickly transformed with an oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.



Lovely Curves

Fancy Feet


In an attempt to make up for my lack of before pictures, here a quick transformation switcheroo of the light fixtures above the sitting area of our mater bedroom.


Before - Light Fixture

Please ignore the completely unsafe manner in which this fixture is hanging from the ceiling, as it wasn’t this way for long.  We repainted the ceiling and never reattached it, because we knew it would be headed for the curb.  Always remember to shut off the power before attempting electrical work kids!



After – Chandelier

This 6-light chandelier came from my second favorite place Costco for about $70, and is oil-rubbed bronze finish with mosaic, frosted glass lamp covers.  It’s pretty large, and was such a good deal that six were purchased for the house.  Yes six.  The rest are residing in storage, but I managed to sneak this one out so it could be put to good use.





  1. Love the dresser! Can’t wait to see more!!
    So the pulls came with the dresser and you just changed their color?? Super cool!!

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