So Much More to Master

I don’t know if the master bedroom could possibly house any more dressers, but they will only be staying for a little while.  Thank goodness such a wonderful thing as CL was discovered, so that I can afford to furnish a house until my REAL plans are finished.  Real plans that include a lot of custom construction, perhaps some shopping, and many, MANY detailed and dimensioned drawings. I don’t doubt that there are many gifted craftsman who can build with only a vision and their skills…I prefer to limit the margin of error by mapping everything out.  With careful measurements.  And detailed drawings. So there is no misunderstanding of the outcome.

On to the master bedroom, of which I have plans to replace the dressers with a wall of built-in dressers, storage and shelves. But for now, the bed is situated between two windows and facing the armoire.


MB Dresser and Armoire
Bed and Nightstand

After all the re-arranging I was even more inspired than ever for my built-in plan, so I quickly sketched out what I had in mind.  Mind you it was not to scale that will be done later but at least I was able to communication my vision clearly to the lucky man who will be building it.


Grand Future Plans

Because the space is so large I’ll have to get a space plan posted one of these days I really think that it could accommodate a full wall of cabinetry, and it would not dwarf the entire bedroom.  White mill-work is my first choice, as I think it would be bright and not enforce a cave-like atmosphere.  I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned to find out if it can be done…

And don’t forget about my little bench down there…still needs trim. sigh

Nearly Finished Bench



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