Baby Festival Success

I posted some inspiration I used in planning my first Baby Shower, and with a huge turnout it was a fabulous time.  Little Baby C arrived a couple of weeks before the party (yay!) so the best party was getting to meet the teeny, tiny guest of honor.  I told you I was a wee bit concerned about having to transport most of the decoration in my suitcase, and there were only 2 casualties for the entire bag. My lovely co-host brought all the games and there were some quite hilarious ones.  My favorite involved predicting what features Baby C would gather from each parent, and each team started with two portraits of mom and pop, sliced up in pieces.  A flip of a coin determined who the feature (forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and chin) would be inherited from.  The end results were a bit horrific, but ultimately pretty hilarious. The entry table featured a memory photo mat for all the guests to sign, and also baby’s first book to inscribe as well.

Guest Table

If you’ll notice the Eiffel Tower in the corner, I think that was one of my favorite finds! I found quite a few wrought iron towers, but was afraid it would take up so much room, be really heavy and possibly get bent in the flight.  Back in the kids craft section at Michael’s was a collection of 3-D wood puzzles, and they had the Tower! It came in 3 sheets of wood, and all you had to do was pop the pieces out, assemble and paint!  It traveled so easily because it was flat, a little bit of glue here and there and some black, matte spray paint and it looked just like the wrought irons ones.  Best part was that they were only $2.40 each with my coupon!

Side Buffet

Tower #2 helped accent the buffet holding all the plates, napkins and dishware for the brunch.  Most of the animal figures I picked out at Ross for between $5-$8 each.  The large pictures frames were from Michael’s, and showcased the great printable cards from Hostess with the Mostess.

Brunch Table and Buffet

The blue and white stripe table runner was from Hancock fabric, in their clearance upholstery fabric.  I didn’t even hem it, just ironed a crisp edge that was folded under to hide the cuts. Notice the collection of butterflies along the wall? I happened upon them at IKEA, and they stick to the walls without leaving marks! There were 3 sheets in the package for only $4.99, so I stared on one side of the window, and went up and over the doorway to the kitchen.

Buffet Table

They were too adorable!

Butterfly Wall

The drink station hosted soda, water, juice and champagne.  I think I really lucked out to find a sparkling drink that feature a baby foot print on its label.  I’ll take 6 please! Again, I used signs from HWTM and found coordinating frames ($3.99 for 2) and paintable easels ($0.99 each) from IKEA.

Drink Station

Other Accessories

In the kitchen were two tables, each with an animal figure, bebe-frames print and yellow-vase ($7.99 each) filled with bright, purple feathers. Hanging above those were yellow and purple, tissue butterflies from Hobby Lobby, in 3 different sizes.  The biggest was 18″ across with wings, and one pack of 3 was $4.20 with you guesses it a coupon! As for the feathers, you can find many sites on-line that sell Ostrich feathers, but I happen to have a Hobby Lobby that always stocks the 13″-15″ in many colors.  I waited until they were running a 50% off floral week to get them at $1.50 each.  The counter island in the kitchen had 3 small red vases ($2.99 each), holding 3 brilliant, blue feathers, like the one you see on the favor table and the drink station.

Favor Table

The favor boxes were actually from the wedding section at Michael’s, and again using my coupons, I got 2 packages of 20 for $2.60 each. The boxes were about 2.5″ square, and I printed a small picture of Baby C to add to each as a surprise in the back.  The treat included Jelly Beans and Tropical Tootsie-Rolls. I stuck the picture facing out, in the back, filled it with treats, and tied each one with bright ribbons and a favor tag.

I tried to include as many of the links to the products and ideas as possible, but feel free to ask about anything else I might have missed.   Hope you had fun checking out the party, because I sure had fun pulling it together…more please!


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