Architectural Influence

At this point it should come as no surprise that I am still working on the layout of my office.  Slowly, yet surely adding pieces that are useful and look nice.  I hear it said over, and over again, in small spaces you must carefully consider the size and functionality of each piece.  A large number of small pieces can make a tiny space feel cluttered, just as too many accessories can overwhelm the space. I realize many people are in love with the Anthropologie style, but for me there can be too much of a good thing.  My work space needs some organization and order.

Anthropologie Catalogue

Despite the urge to balance the size of furniture and accessories on a tiny scale, resist the need to run out to IKEA and buy tiny furniture.  I really do like IKEA for their accessories and decor, but the furniture is definitely not comfortable for people my height. My office has been a challenge because I want the room to still feel spacious, but need to incorporate functional spaces: desk/computer area, drafting area, sitting area, and storage space.


So far in this 11 x 13 space I have the desk and lounge chair, but I have still been looking for a drafting table to fill up the space.  In my lofty visions, I envisioned something beautiful, and architectural that I could actually use on a daily basis.  With my ‘unlimited’ dreamy budget I say the RH 1920’s French Drafting Table.

RH - French Drafting Table

Simple, yet beautiful piece that appears to be adjustable and in real, working order.  Tilts to five angles, held with a cast-brass pin that integrates metal with the aged wood.  The trestle base is stained a darker, tobacco color, and to me this makes the piece look salvaged from multiple sources, surviving the tests of time.  But alas, my real budget cannot accommodate the $995 tag.

RH - Drafting Table (Back)


I swear, after the Buster chairs, I knew never in my life would I own anything else from RH.  Enter CraigsList.  What was meant to be a surprise has been slightly revealed.  On a gardening trip to Lowe’s this weekend, I was informed we would be making a stop to pick up something just posted…eyes were rolled.  We already have too much furniture, our living room is busting at the seams! Then this was loaded into the back of the truck…


CL Drafting Table



Even if it’s loaded into the office as-is, it’s more than perfect. But maybe a little cleaning, a little staining, and this gem will be even better!




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