Champagne & Couture

I feel as though bridal bliss is all around me, and it gives you kind of a giddy feeling.  So many parties to attend, so many outfits to coordinate and oh, so many details to think of! As it happens, not only is LS getting married soon (yay!), but a couple of her friends are as well. I am ALWAYS in the mood to help brainstorm ideas for party themes, and couldn’t wait to ‘help’. Bombard her with ideas So this ‘classy bride’ didn’t want a typical wild-night-out kind of party, so we came up with the idea of Couture & Champagne Party.

There are a lot of great ideas out there for champagne cocktails and mixers, so we based the whole party scheme off the color…and added black for contrast. Plus, there are some really great vintage champagne posters out there, and wouldn’t they make a great addition to your dining area after the party!

Having trouble picturing it all…let’s go to a creative mood board with some quick details.

Couture and Champagne with Dessert

Simple solutions for decorations can make a great impact.  Think of blowing up bunches of gold and white balloons, then hang them straight down from the corners of the room and they will look like champagne bubbles floating to the ceiling.  Food can look bubbly delicious if skewer and placed in a tall vase.

Finger Foods and Fruit

A Champagne bar is a great easy way to add fun, letting guests create their own cocktails with a little help from 2 part recipes, and it’s a mix and mingle.


Champagne a little Fruity

Champagne a little Sweet

Champagne a little Naughty





Frame them up in basic black, and you’re on your way to a classy cocktail party.





I can’t wait to see how the party turned out, and hope that LS sends me fabulous pictures of their grand celebration.


Chin Chin!

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