Whatever Happened to the Time

As my progress with projects around the house slowed to a crawl, so did my activity on blogs and needing inspiration. Not that there wasn’t plenty of sources everywhere I looked, but it seemed that they all began to repeat the same thing over and over.  I’m sure I spent hours upon hours, scrolling through each and every blog that peaked my interest and then Poof! I felt like I had seen it all. Combined with a new career, life changes, and becoming ‘grown-up’, my blogging life just sort of fizzled. But now I feel motivated to finish all those home improvements, and I’m thinking I could try living in a house that isn’t forever in the middle of a construction phase. One must first (of course) start with a list of projects and then prioritize them. For me, I like to start with some smaller projects that I know I can complete (in a reasonable amount of time) so I can actually cross them off the list.  So let’s just get this ball rolling and see how far it …rolls.

Front Entry – Powder Bath – Wood Flooring upstairs – Dining Room Hutch/Built-In – Garage Storage – Guest Room Redo – Entire house crown and baseboard – Master Bath – Backyard Summer Kitchen – New fence – Front yard steps – Master Bedroom built-in – Kitchen – Patio Pergola – Plants, plants and more plants



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