Take a deep breath

The time has come to finally find a creative outlet that will keep my mind whirling with possibilities and allow me to explore my imagination. I recently ran across a quote by Pablo Picasso that seems a perfect jumping off point:

“Good designers copy; great designers steal”

We all find inspiration somewhere, and if you find it here, I hope you will share your ideas too.  With a degree in Interior Design, I have yet to find the right outlet to put into action all the ideas that swarm my head.  I hope to perfect my amateurish notions and learn from my mistakes and successes, and benefit from critique and suggestions.  Not being one to shy away from a new adventure, I can only hope my scattered ideas can help me build a direction to steer my life.  If you can’t laugh at your mistakes, everyone else will, so I might as well get started…



  1. Ah, that is what I am talking about lady! Check out the blogs on my Link Club – tons of Design sites that I swoon over 🙂 Maybe inspirational to ya 🙂 Good luck with the blog. If you ever need help – I am here. XOXO

  2. Hey erin! Love what you are doing. Can you post something more often? Pretty please? I have a house to get spiffed up by October 11

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