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Compromise is always a fun challenge when working on your own home.  It can be especially challenging when you have different tastes, and styles than the person you live with.  In my dream world I have so many homes, I can pick a style for each one.  Art Deco, French Colonial, Beach Chic, French Traditional, whateeeeever I want.  I finally convinced the Handyman that we could pick a unique style for the master suite, that could be completely different from the rest of the house.  Hollywood Regency is one of my favorites, because it can be a great mix of vintage and glamorous.  Here is a quick peek at some inspiration for the master bathroom.

Master Bath


Whatever Happened to the Time

As my progress with projects around the house slowed to a crawl, so did my activity on blogs and needing inspiration. Not that there wasn’t plenty of sources everywhere I looked, but it seemed that they all began to repeat the same thing over and over.  I’m sure I spent hours upon hours, scrolling through each and every blog that peaked my interest and then Poof! I felt like I had seen it all. Combined with a new career, life changes, and becoming ‘grown-up’, my blogging life just sort of fizzled. But now I feel motivated to finish all those home improvements, and I’m thinking I could try living in a house that isn’t forever in the middle of a construction phase. One must first (of course) start with a list of projects and then prioritize them. For me, I like to start with some smaller projects that I know I can complete (in a reasonable amount of time) so I can actually cross them off the list.  So let’s just get this ball rolling and see how far it …rolls.

Front Entry – Powder Bath – Wood Flooring upstairs – Dining Room Hutch/Built-In – Garage Storage – Guest Room Redo – Entire house crown and baseboard – Master Bath – Backyard Summer Kitchen – New fence – Front yard steps – Master Bedroom built-in – Kitchen – Patio Pergola – Plants, plants and more plants


Speaking of Sectionals

Now that we are semi recovered from our Craig-ervention, it’s time to make some big decisions.  It’s Sofa time! For a long time I have been obsessed with finding a sofa that included a chaise on one end.  When I lounge, I want to looooouuunge. My only other requirement is that the fabric be chenille, or another pattern/texture.  I am aware that microfiber is rumored to be a great, low-maintenance option that is easy to clean and maintain.  But doesn’t anyone else notice that every time you touch it, it leaves a lasting impression?  I don’t want booty prints all over my couch just because the fabric got rubbed the wrong way.  Heehee.

Microfiber Love?


There were two contenders a while back, but me being so budget conscious, by the time I got over my fear of making such a big purchase (you can see where I got over that here) the styles were no longer offered.  Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Earlier this year I happened upon that awesome looking, GIANT chenille sectional at Haverty’s and ever since have been waiting on it to go on sale.  Waiting…and waiting…still waiting.  Someone else got tired of waiting, and found a pretty comparable looking one at Macy’s of all places.  Simple structure, no slouchy cushions, not microfiber, and did I mention HUGE. Guess what went on sale for Mother’s Day…the Devon!

Toughest choice has been picking the color, though it helps that there are only two options.

Devon Sectional

Which do you think we will choose?  Which would YOU choose?

Champagne & Couture

I feel as though bridal bliss is all around me, and it gives you kind of a giddy feeling.  So many parties to attend, so many outfits to coordinate and oh, so many details to think of! As it happens, not only is LS getting married soon (yay!), but a couple of her friends are as well. I am ALWAYS in the mood to help brainstorm ideas for party themes, and couldn’t wait to ‘help’. Bombard her with ideas So this ‘classy bride’ didn’t want a typical wild-night-out kind of party, so we came up with the idea of Couture & Champagne Party.

There are a lot of great ideas out there for champagne cocktails and mixers, so we based the whole party scheme off the color…and added black for contrast. Plus, there are some really great vintage champagne posters out there, and wouldn’t they make a great addition to your dining area after the party!

Having trouble picturing it all…let’s go to a creative mood board with some quick details.

Couture and Champagne with Dessert

Simple solutions for decorations can make a great impact.  Think of blowing up bunches of gold and white balloons, then hang them straight down from the corners of the room and they will look like champagne bubbles floating to the ceiling.  Food can look bubbly delicious if skewer and placed in a tall vase.

Finger Foods and Fruit

A Champagne bar is a great easy way to add fun, letting guests create their own cocktails with a little help from 2 part recipes, and it’s a mix and mingle.


Champagne a little Fruity

Champagne a little Sweet

Champagne a little Naughty





Frame them up in basic black, and you’re on your way to a classy cocktail party.





I can’t wait to see how the party turned out, and hope that LS sends me fabulous pictures of their grand celebration.


Chin Chin!

Swap The Laundry Over

It’s hard to believe that one of the smallest rooms in the house still isn’t finished, but it’s true.  I did manage to get the desk top upstairs and in place. I wanted to make sure it actually fit. After staring at my fabric cover in purple, green and grey floral I decided it was too many colors.  Small room, stick with a simple color palette.

Folding Station Top

So I found a different upholstery fabric at Hancock on sale and bought just enough to cover the top.  Not sure if I explained before that my easy solution was to use the trusty staple-gun to simply attached the fabric on each side.

Fabric Option #2

However, if I take a little bit longer to hem the edges, and attach with pieces of velcro, I will have the ability to remove the cover and wash it.  Plus, I’m hoping it will be less wear on the table top, should it need to find a new home.

Get to Hemming

Look Ma, I’m using my Bernina!

Need a Craig-ervention?

Our house has reached it’s boiling point…it’s busting out at the seams…we are addicted to craigslist! I know I’m not alone out there, scouring the daily posts, amazed at some of the smokin’ deals people are posting.  But after this weekend I have come to the realization that you CAN have too much of a good thing.  After living in a furniture-free house for the first year, I think it’s gotten a little out of hand…


Backyard Yard-Sale


We moved all the furniture that has got to go, to the backyard because the living room couldn’t take any more.  I’ve been told we are a pair of…well, a hoarder and an enabler.  I’ll admit I can’t argue, so I’ll have to improve. New house rule…get rid of what you want to replace BEFORE you buy something to replace it.  In theory it sounds good…then you find these:


Club Chairs

I am seriously addicted to tufting.  Okay, new rule starts NOW!


Architectural Influence

At this point it should come as no surprise that I am still working on the layout of my office.  Slowly, yet surely adding pieces that are useful and look nice.  I hear it said over, and over again, in small spaces you must carefully consider the size and functionality of each piece.  A large number of small pieces can make a tiny space feel cluttered, just as too many accessories can overwhelm the space. I realize many people are in love with the Anthropologie style, but for me there can be too much of a good thing.  My work space needs some organization and order.

Anthropologie Catalogue

Despite the urge to balance the size of furniture and accessories on a tiny scale, resist the need to run out to IKEA and buy tiny furniture.  I really do like IKEA for their accessories and decor, but the furniture is definitely not comfortable for people my height. My office has been a challenge because I want the room to still feel spacious, but need to incorporate functional spaces: desk/computer area, drafting area, sitting area, and storage space.


So far in this 11 x 13 space I have the desk and lounge chair, but I have still been looking for a drafting table to fill up the space.  In my lofty visions, I envisioned something beautiful, and architectural that I could actually use on a daily basis.  With my ‘unlimited’ dreamy budget I say the RH 1920’s French Drafting Table.

RH - French Drafting Table

Simple, yet beautiful piece that appears to be adjustable and in real, working order.  Tilts to five angles, held with a cast-brass pin that integrates metal with the aged wood.  The trestle base is stained a darker, tobacco color, and to me this makes the piece look salvaged from multiple sources, surviving the tests of time.  But alas, my real budget cannot accommodate the $995 tag.

RH - Drafting Table (Back)


I swear, after the Buster chairs, I knew never in my life would I own anything else from RH.  Enter CraigsList.  What was meant to be a surprise has been slightly revealed.  On a gardening trip to Lowe’s this weekend, I was informed we would be making a stop to pick up something just posted…eyes were rolled.  We already have too much furniture, our living room is busting at the seams! Then this was loaded into the back of the truck…


CL Drafting Table



Even if it’s loaded into the office as-is, it’s more than perfect. But maybe a little cleaning, a little staining, and this gem will be even better!