Here’s Lookin’ At

Glamour and Ghouls

I must apologize for my lack of postings in the way of my personal projects.  I have been camera-less since a trip in August, and just haven’t managed to remedy the situation yet.  Soooo…you’ll have to do with one last set of inspirational ideas, before I can get back in the saddle with my own photos.  In light of the new Home Goods store that opened last weekend, I thought I would take a look-see at their website, and found a truly awesome photo montage of a Glam Halloween party. Oxy-moron…right? And now I totally want to do this next year, maybe for a ghouls (girls) only cocktail party. Kim of TomKat Studios did a genius job in mixing glitter, creepy, elegant and spooky all in one.

Great colors, and love the idea that the flowers could possibly be old and creepy, but they still sparkle.

I need to learn how to make the tissue poms that I keep seeing everywhere, because they look darling and would be cheap and easy for any holiday decor.

Always fun to play around with creative fonts, and the contrast of calligraphy and block letters is sweet.  Plus, I need to find me some of those ruffle edge cake platters.

I’ll get some of the few photos up, from our carving party, as thankfully my pal Melanie is never without her camera!  Check our her spooky encounters, and awesome photos from a weekend hike.

Sneak Peak of my mantle…


Mantle Preview



Seattle Sights & Watson Kennedy

The West Coast is, and will always be, my favorite place to be.  Yes, I know it rains ten months out of the year, and the sun rarely makes an appearance any months other than June-August.  But can it really get any better than this?


Mount Adams



Apple Orchard in Hood River



Watson Kennedy - First & Spring


Mom and I were strolling around Seattle (home of the famous Pike’s Place Market) on our way to meet Little Sister, and we came across an adorable little shop. Watson Kennedy fine living was packed full of the most fantastic home accessories.  Home-made soaps, book plates, vintage paper masks, old bingo balls, stationary…you name it, they had it. I think I must have picked up, or touched absolutely everything in the store, contemplating where I could put it in my house or who I could gift it to. There was mostly vintage, shabby-chic and hand crafted goods, and I could swear some real antiques mixed in for atmosphere.  They even offer some products on-line, so if a trip to Seattle isn’t in the budget this week, get some luxury delivered!

Here are some quick shots of a small selection of their offerings.


Stationary & Cards



French Wooden Dice



Green and Clean



European Destination Sign



French Inspired Plates


Nifty and Thrifty Giveaway

Really neat giveaway going on over at All Things Thrifty for some fun and funky signs from Rusty Cricket. My favorite is the ‘Great Danish’ because it reminds me of my little Gardener, only bigger!

Great Danish - Rusty Cricket

I am also in love with the Moose and the Crab. And if you need some great reading (and ideas) while you are waiting to find out if you are the winner, check out the beautiful piano project.  I must find me one and spruce it up…then brush up on my ivory tinkling.

Let’s Look Around

As I am learning the ropes of the blog-o-sphere world, it has been fascinating to see what other people have put out there.  So many different formats, styles and creative design ideas are showcased on each and every person’s spot. I should admit that what really keeps my interest is tons of inspirational photos, because nothing gets my creative juices flowing likes seeing great design in action!

I am sure there is some etiquette that exists, as far as ‘recommending’ another’s site…but I am not savvy to that yet.  So I’ll do the best I can to give credit where credit is due.  Here are some people who have captured my attention for hours, as I scroll through nearly every post in their history…I’ll let you do the same.

Miss Mustard Seed has absolutely beautiful photographs, and all kinds of great projects and fun tips and tricks.

6th Street Design School has a fabulous time showcasing all kinds of design, and really great inspiration collages .  I love her fun “Etsy Roundup”, with a different theme each time, picking out unique crafts.

If you are looking for DIY and project to take on yourself, Pure Style Home is an awesome find and boasts a ton of great ideas. Some neat before and after posts, and fun seasonal decorating ideas too.

I’ll admit to being a bit partial to Vintage Glamorous because we share a home state, but you can’t ignore the fantastic photos and great decorating ideas.  Such fun style, and cool project ideas.

So many spots to scan and so little time…but more to come.  I’ll end with two of my favorites and I check on daily…yes, daily.

My good pal Mel over at Hand on Hip has a great lifestyle and design blog and is doing some fabulous giveaways. I was the lucky winner of her first one…wait and see what I’m getting! Plus she has her own Etsy boutique, and a really REALLY awesome bike.

And living my dream on A Country Farm House, I can help but hope one day this will be me.  A home rich with history and still room to grow, land to own and flowers to plant, my pup and my man, and good clean livin’.