Look Out Your Window

Kids…Take It Outside!

Bring back any childhood memories?  I know my dear mother said that a time or two, to my sister and I.  And now those words are music to my ears. After all, no one said design has to be confined to the walls of your home.  Even your outdoor spaces are craving your attention to detail, and careful decor decisions.

I have a brown thumb.

I fully admit that my ability to keep my plants alive has a less than stellar track record, but that doesn’t keep me from trying again…and again…and again.

Our backyard came fully equipped with a beautiful concrete slab (can you detect the sarcasm in my voice…it’s there) right off our back door.  But ripping that out and starting from scratch isn’t in the budget, so we are extending along the back by adding a new section of pavers.  The plan is to set up an outdoor dining table on the pavers, and the concrete will house the ‘kitchen’ with the BBQ and future prep area.  Just like in a house, the idea is to create rooms outdoors. So I imagine sitting at the table, and my eye wanders along  the table scape to the areas beyond and hits..the ugly fence.  I’ll fix that!

Using free, salvaged cedar planks I created a small garden area that (when growing) will be a great visual backdrop to our dining area.

Garden Box Detail Drawing

It has only a couple of plants so far, but I love the way the old cedar and the fresh green plants look together.  And before you ask, I had no idea that butternut squash was such a creeper! It has spilled out and taken over much of the grass, which makes it harder to mow (if you can’t tell).  From left to right: Butternut Squash Vine, Tomato Plant, Sweet Basil (in the pot) and Red Bell Peppers. Also, the large black planter has a lemon tree that we thought died in the deep freeze this winter, but appears to be coming back to life.

View from Future Dining Area

But the fruits and veggies are all growing great (ignore the couple of brown ones please!), and I think it is the perfect accent to an outdoor kitchen and dining room. Plus my helper is oh, so cute!

The Gardener


Don’t be fooled by the fact that he appears to be paying no attention to my veggies, because when I went home at lunch yesterday, he had EATEN my baby, bell peppers.  Silly rabbit! I had planned on adding some decorative fencing around the perimeter, but the need had not yet come about…until yesterday. 

Recycled Cedar Planks

Butternut Squash Creeper