Living Room

Speaking of Sectionals

Now that we are semi recovered from our Craig-ervention, it’s time to make some big decisions.  It’s Sofa time! For a long time I have been obsessed with finding a sofa that included a chaise on one end.  When I lounge, I want to looooouuunge. My only other requirement is that the fabric be chenille, or another pattern/texture.  I am aware that microfiber is rumored to be a great, low-maintenance option that is easy to clean and maintain.  But doesn’t anyone else notice that every time you touch it, it leaves a lasting impression?  I don’t want booty prints all over my couch just because the fabric got rubbed the wrong way.  Heehee.

Microfiber Love?


There were two contenders a while back, but me being so budget conscious, by the time I got over my fear of making such a big purchase (you can see where I got over that here) the styles were no longer offered.  Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Earlier this year I happened upon that awesome looking, GIANT chenille sectional at Haverty’s and ever since have been waiting on it to go on sale.  Waiting…and waiting…still waiting.  Someone else got tired of waiting, and found a pretty comparable looking one at Macy’s of all places.  Simple structure, no slouchy cushions, not microfiber, and did I mention HUGE. Guess what went on sale for Mother’s Day…the Devon!

Toughest choice has been picking the color, though it helps that there are only two options.

Devon Sectional

Which do you think we will choose?  Which would YOU choose?


Need a Craig-ervention?

Our house has reached it’s boiling point…it’s busting out at the seams…we are addicted to craigslist! I know I’m not alone out there, scouring the daily posts, amazed at some of the smokin’ deals people are posting.  But after this weekend I have come to the realization that you CAN have too much of a good thing.  After living in a furniture-free house for the first year, I think it’s gotten a little out of hand…


Backyard Yard-Sale


We moved all the furniture that has got to go, to the backyard because the living room couldn’t take any more.  I’ve been told we are a pair of…well, a hoarder and an enabler.  I’ll admit I can’t argue, so I’ll have to improve. New house rule…get rid of what you want to replace BEFORE you buy something to replace it.  In theory it sounds good…then you find these:


Club Chairs

I am seriously addicted to tufting.  Okay, new rule starts NOW!


Dreams Really Do Come True

This post isn’t really going to give you any tips, instead it’s about inspiration. And that patience is a virtue…and not just for Job I swear it has been at least 2 years since I spotted my first Buster chair in the Restoration Hardware catalog.  I’m pretty sure I ripped the page out immediately, and have it stashed in my nightstand table with all of the others items I have coveted, but couldn’t afford.  I’m a sucker for anything tufted, and this beautiful wing-back leather chair with nail-head trim is totally dream worthy.  But, alas, spending $3,500 on a chair isn’t even an option for me…I couldn’t begin to justify it.  I have watched it lovingly through the catalogs, throughout the seasons….and then gasp I could no longer find it on their website.  Eeeek! Not that I would have been convinced to buy it on-line, but I still wanted to look at the pictures. A quick web search later and I learned that RH had replaced my lovelies with their new Churchill Chair.


RH Leather Churchill Chair


It’s okay, I guess…just not the same.  I guess the universe knew it too, because over the weekend we happened to take a quick trip to the outlet malls, in particular RH and Pottery Barn.  You’ll never guess what they had! I still can hardly believe it myself…2, yes TWO, nutmeg leather buster chairs at 40% below clearance price.  Be still my beating heart.


RH Leather Buster Chair


Mind you, this was still not an easy purchase for me to pull the trigger on.  I had to think about it a lot while wandering around PB.  In the end, I just couldn’t picture my life with out it…I mean, them. And still, no buyer’s remorse!


My Buster Chairs


You’ll be happy to know that these are ‘real people’ size chairs too.  Meaning that I, being 6′ tall, can relax comfortably and the cushion actually reaches the back of my knees.  Not an easy feat! Now we need to get rid of some of our CL furniture to make room, and get the right configuration with the Haverty’s sectional I have been keeping my eye on. Fingers crossed for a sale!


Chastain Sectional


One last look, just for kicks and giggles.


Soon to be my Home

~Welcome home Buster~