Nearly Benched

Progress is slow on some projects around the house, and it seems easy to get it to about 90% completed…is that last 10% that always delays the final result.  So with my painted bench I finally got around to my first upholstery project. Upholstery might be a strong work, since this was really just stapling fabric to wood.  But I like to dream big! So my first task was to trace the table and cut my 3″ foam to fit the curves.

Tracing Curves

Bench and Foam










I did skip the step of using spray adhesive, so I suppose down the road I will let you know if it starts to slide out-of-place. The I wrapped it with pre-cut batting…which was cheaper to buy a ‘crib’ size package, then the by-the-yard type.  Depending on the size you need, you may or may not be able to find other size options.  When stapling the batting to the underside of the table top, I started in the middle of the longest sides, stretched tight and stapled.  Then I did the same on the two short sides.  I placed my staples about one inch in from the corner where the skirt meets the underside of the table, so that when I attached the fabric, I could get as close to the edge as possible.  I probably stapled the batting about every 2-3 inches, and some closer together around the points on the curves.


Attaching the Batting


At the corners, I stapled each side, leaving about a 2 inch gap in the middle, then folded the middle in and tucked the corners.  You could also fold a diagonal corner, facing into the middle, but with my curves, this was the easier way.


Tucking the Corner

Then I cut my fabric to size, and followed the same steps in stapling as I did with the batting.

Fabric Attached


Then I used my fabric scissors to cut the excess fabric, as close to the edge as I could, but still leaving enough for the staples to hang-on.  The last 10% needed to complete the project, is finding a coordinating piece of trim, to cover the rough edge and the staples.  And I am considering adding a few buttons for tufting. Which might also help with the shifting, since I forgot adhesive. I’m pretty proud at my first attempt, and it is a great addition to the master bedroom.


Almost Complete!


Supplies: Staple Gun, 3″ by-the-yard foam, batting, fabric and painted coffee table.

P.S. Can you see the sneak peek of a matching dresser in the background there…stay tuned.


Table Topsy Turvy Bench

After finding this great table-to-bench project on Vintage Junky I have been searching high and low for a ‘project’ table. I knew that I didn’t want to spend too much money, because sometimes your first attempt isn’t always perfect.  My first requirement was that it have curved or cabriole legs.  Our recently acquired TV armoire has such a feature, and I felt that color and leg detail could be the unifying factors in our furniture scheme.  Many hours of scrolling CL I finally found a little piece and negotiated down to $20, so it fit the bill.

Craigslist Posting - Coffee Table

The piece doesn’t have a perfectly square top, but I liked that the edges might be curved around the upholstery…but only time will tell if it actually works.  The fabric is a large-scale floral that coordinates with the paisley bedding currently in the master bedroom. All the furniture will be painted Riverway (SW) and distressed, or antiqued with Minwax Dark Walnut #2716.  (I just bought the tiny, baby can from Lowe’s for about $5, and it goes a loooong way)

Before & After - Full Table

I will admit the price on the paint really scared me, because I have never paid so much for a gallon ($37).  All the bloggers say SW isthe best, and it has provided really great coverage with just two coats.  I did breathe a sigh of relief, when I saw that after painting this table and a dresser, I had barely depleted the paint from the can by more than an inch.  A little of the good stuff goes a long way. I didn’t bother to paint the top of the table, because it will be covered by the upholstery, but I have to say that the original wood color actually looks good with the blue.

Before & After - Detail of Leg

This was my first attempt at painting furniture, and especially the process of adding stain, wiping off and giving it more character.  I did learn that you shouldn’t attempt to paint on, then wipe off, stain when it is 100 degrees out…makes it very difficult to wipe off the excess stain.  Next, I need to wait for a sale on foam, before the transformation can be complete.  No use paying full price when they make coupons! Depending on how the upholstery looks, I may also venture into tufting the top with fabric covered buttons.  Oh, how I love tufting…..but we can discuss that later.